Low Level Laser Therapy

I chose Erchonia’s low level PL5 laser because it is safe.  It does not have the infrared that can burn the retinas and so protective glasses do not need to be worn, though pointing the laser into the eyes is not recommended.  The low level lasers will not burn the skin and so they can be used in larger non-specific areas, like across the back, and can treat several acupuncture points all at one time.

Erchonia figured out that more power is not always better if it burns the patient while trying to decrease inflammation in another location.  Here are their thoughts about the more power question.  “A common misconception within the laser community is that if low power is effective then more must be better, but that is simply not true.  Low level laser therapy works differently than the majority of high powered lasers on the market, it operates under the principles of a science known as photochemistry.  In photochemistry, it is the unique characteristics of the photon (wavelength primarily) that are most important.  The purpose of low level laser therapy is to excite electrons in the photoabsorbing receptors and excitation of electrons occurs via the absorption of a photon of a specific energy value.  If too much energy is supplied, the electrons may not enter an excited state simply because the protein they are housed in may become altered due to the high amount of energy being applied to the cell.  Proteins function properly only under optimal conditions (i.e. temperature and pH).  We have recognized through numerous studies, that the wavelength is more important than the energy output, as too much energy can actually exacerbate the condition.  Therefore, we have designed a unique, patent-protected delivery of photonic energy.  By administering photons in a line generated beam we can maximize the photons being delivered to a targeted region of tissue ensuring proper electron excitation without producing a thermal event thus inhibiting our results.”

Erchonia lasers have been proven to be successful in treating many equine, canine, feline, and avian medical conditions such as:  chronic non-healing wounds, chronic joint pain, muscle strains and tears, degenerative conditions such as navicular syndrome, post-surgical pain, tendons and ligament injuries, bone fractures, hip dysplasia, and feather picking.

For more information check out these websites, Erchonia orLaser Pet Care.