When I graduated from veterinary school in 1994 I had a very broad, superficial knowledge of how the animal and human body worked and was taught that medications and/or surgery could fix anything and everything.  Over time and after working with multiple patients I realized that medications did not always fix everything and that there had to be more to support and help the body.

I had been exposed to acupuncture through a veterinarian mentor for several years and realized it may be the answer to helping with problems that medications can not resolve, so I became a certified veterinary acupuncturist in 2008.  Acupuncture started to open my eyes to how remarkably complex the body was, when, I could place an acupuncture needle in a point on the lower leg that would have a profound effect on the gastrointestinal track or the back.  It made me realize that the body often has the ability to help itself heal, but only if each cell has the energy to heal.

laser-cat-treatmentSince 2008 I have had professional and personal experiences of using medications for certain problems that I thought should work, but they did not.  I then realized again, that there was something I was missing but was not sure what it was until 2012.  I had experienced profound, unrelentless sadness from 2007 to 2012 that took my previously very healthy body to almost dying of severe adrenal collapse.  I tried anti-depressants and eating healthy foods but my cells were so exhausted that they did not have the energy to use the medications or the food that I was eating.  My body hurt so bad that I felt like I had the worst flu for months.  I was introduced to Standard Process through another professional in 2012 and became interested in their revolutionary, old-fashioned ideas about how to feed each cell with whole foods and not synthetic vitamins.

I opened my Standard Process account in early 2013 and had the privilege to go to Palmyra, Wisconsin in June 2013 to tour their beautifully spotless organic farm and manufacturing plant.  After 3 years of their supplements and guidance, I have my body back better than before and still getting stronger.  If it weren’t for God, Standard Process and my horse, I would have died in 2012.  I have many patients that have responded well to the nourishing affects of Standard Process whole food supplements.  Standard Process helped me see how our bodies are often starving to death, at a cellular level, which prompted me to continue to research other modalities that can help nourish and heal the cells synergistically with the whole food supplements.

Standard Process had co-sponsored a meeting with Erchonia, a laser company.  I became intrigued with their low level laser ideas because their lasers would imbibe energy to the cells to nourish and help them heal.  I purchased a PL5 low level laser from Erchonia in October 2013 and have been thrilled with how it nourishes and heals my canine, feline, and equine patients.

While acupuncture, whole food supplements, and laser therapy can be very healing and supportive, I believe medications and surgery have their place and our goal should be to seek out the synergism of all modalities.