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Acupuncture – is the act of placing a needle into the body at specific points. Many people think acupuncture is so mysterious in how it works but the reality is it really is not. The acupuncture point locations are usually in one of three areas: where nerve bundles penetrate fascia (tissue), in close proximity to major blood vessels, surrounded by small nerve bundles, at major points, where nerves enter or exit the muscle and trigger points. Placing needles in these strategic areas sends signals back to the brain through the spinal cord to help the body balance itself. It is very helpful in spinal cord, nerve, and inflammatory conditions. It helps control pain by releasing endogenous (within the body) opiods, improves circulation via vasodilatation, and pain inhibition. The body is amazing at healing but it is also amazing at overreacting and holding a grudge when it has been irritated, which leads to chronic pain that keeps putting layer after layer of angry tissue on the small original problem. Then when acupuncture is initiated we have to peel back the layers of inflammation and pain like an onion. When there are several layers of inflammation it may take four to six acupuncture treatments before improvement is seen. Many times painful problems, like arthritis, can be managed synergistically with pain medications, joint supplements, and acupuncture.